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Power Hair Systems has been in business since 2008.  The owner Michael T. Willis (Dr. Mike) has been singularly focused on the renewal of damaged, problem ethnic hair since 1994.  A systematic application was developed by Mr. Willis directed towards the physiological renewal of hair that has never failed to restore life to the hair of every client that has gone consistently through the process.  The company’s goal is and has always been to deliver the most powerful hair care in the industry and to deliver to the client, hair that is beautiful, functional and most of all low maintenance.

Important Note : This application does not involve the use of hair grease or oil product of any kind.

 It is important to note that every individuals physiology is different.  Not every clients restoration is going to take shape at the same pace and rate as anothers.  The level of damage as well as the time span in which the damage has existed plays a significant role in how long an individuals renewal make take.  It is also important to note that there are several different kinds of damage that require different treatment processes to repair, and may take varying amounts of time to reverse.  There are a number of women that believe incorrectly that their hair is different in some significant way from every other womans hair.  Other than the basics of hair physiology such as texture ( fine, medium, and coarse) , hair, put simply, is hair.  There are other basic differences in hair make up such as oil based hair or a dryer ethnic make up, but again, hair is hair.  The most important difference is, hair that is healthy and hair that is not.   One more important thing to note is the matter of lengthNot everyone is meant to have long hair!  Many times clients will go into a hair care facility stating that they want their hair to grow or to be longer than it is.  Hair length is determined by genetics!  If the majority of women in your family do not have long hair and you have not had long hair in your past, then you are not likely to ever have long hair.  If your hair has been mistreated and is damaged or broken but you have had long or longer length hair in the past or you have a family history of longer length hair, you may be able to have that length restored.  Note: ( not all members of a family will have the same length of hair or texture of hair)

There is a difference between good length and bad length.  If you have long hair but 2-3 inches of that length is split or more, that is bad length.  A half inch or less of seperation on the ends of your hair is good length.  Trimming the hair consistently ( usually every six weeks) is essential for the proper functioning and believe it or not growth of your hair.  Understanding these basics as a client along with your patience in going through the process wil lead to beautiful functional hair all day every day.

 *The minimum age for young ladies to be serviced is 10 years of age*


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